What people are saying about their experiences with Living Local

“Becoming Curious Congregations” take-aways, Saturday, May 12:

  • Better understanding of the process and purpose of LL; really seeing how the Holy Spirt guides this work
  • More clarity, refreshed, not alone, but also alone (bec I’m the only one here from my church); hopeful and at the same time overwhelmed
  • Benefits and challenges of becoming curious congregations
  • Listening, listening, listening—never enough listening to become amazed!
  • Dwelling in the Word, an excellent process!!
  • Learning to be a good listener is life long learning; patience is key to a successful implementation
  • Prepare and expect to be amazed
  • Try to be conscious of how I listen, then work on parts I’m doing incorrectly; Try to engage with more people
  • The work is slow, and it is formational not cause/effect
  • Renewal!!
  • Hope!! Connection
  • We must be used by the “Spirit”, not our order, set patterns of old rules and bylaws of the church

“Listening Leadership” Event take-aways,  Saturday, January 27:

  • The practice of listening is CRITICAL to the process, and we must first listen to God, as he is working in our communities already.
  • Getting a better idea of trying out this work in the community. How to get started.
  • Being open to myself
  • Seeing my own complicity in creating a church that offers a white brand of Christianity that not … for “others”
  • Many things to learn about – Listen and what question to ask others – God is leading us.
  • Importance of listening with presence in the moment
  • Inspiration to begin an intentional process
  • Remembering to REALLY listen to each other and hear/recognize what they are saying
  • Others are struggling. Messy work. Name “Bible Conversation”
  • I am encouraged with David & Dianne’s invitation to walk with us in our context – to truly hear where we are and what our steps would be.
  • Sharing video with our church as a conversation starter
  • Take dwelling in the word practice to restart mem’s bible study conversation
  • Identity before purpose
  • We are not alone in our challenges
  • Listening – REALLY listening to others is key.
  • I’m feeling more energized to get out into the neighborhood. I am also excited to talk to local non-profits to hear more from them.
  • Transactional VS Transformational.  How we listen to one another.
  • That I need to listen intentionally to the people around me! I also need to pay attention to what is being call of me.
  • There are more resources out there than trying to recreate the wheel or force someone to do something they don’t want to.
  • Ability and permission to adapt process for where the congregation is.


What advice do you have for those considering the Living Local journey?

  • Some previous folks who went on this journey share their practical wisdom:
  • “It’s a focus more on process than results”
  • “It’s about growing in relationship with the world around you.”
  • “Be open to change. You will learn a great deal about your neighbors, neighborhoods, and each other.”
  • “It’s an opportunity for the congregation to look outward in new ways.”
  • “You can still learn something even if it falls apart and completely fails.”
  • “You learn how to listen better.”
  • “See this as an opportunity where a chink needs to be revealed, like a brick wall where there might be a hole, and in that hole instead of a weed, a flower growing in it.”
  • “Don’t be afraid to go outside the walls of the church.”
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