NW WA Synodical Renewal Design Resources: 

Four Elements for Leading Missional Adaptive Challenges – PDF

Resource for Discovering-Engaging Missional Adaptive Challenges – PDF

Living Local Checklist – PDF

Missional Church Resources: The missional church is a theological response and corrective to colonialist, patriarchal, and imperialist versions most associated with the term mission and missionary. It’s rooted in three integrative disciplines, trinitarian theology, missiology and ecclesiology. For us, this means keeping God in the conversation, and sharing with what God is already doing ahead of us in the world, so it’s reconfiguring imaginations where folks anticipate an encounter from God in the world, not merely bringing God to the world, or the world to the church. For those interested in gaining further insight into the breadth and depth of this movement here are a couple resources.

Configurations of God-Church-World Relationship – PDF

John Hoffmeyer, The Missional Trinity

Colin Gunton, English theologian explores the challenging dynamics of a western ecclesiology that does not take into consideration trinitarian theology. Challenges of a Western configured Ecclesiology

Catherine LaCugna, Roman Catholic theologian (God For Us) offers some key pieces that trinitarian theology informs in church life. The Practical Trinity, LaCugna

Videos: The following videos (youtube, TED talks, movies, etc.) are intended some relatively current, and cultural perspectives that help communicate the deep work of Living Local. The two central pieces this work seeks to integrate are theological (how we think/see/hear God in context), and organizational leadership (how we social organize, lead and structure life together)

“Want to Help Someone? Shut Up and Listen!”, Ernesto Sirolli, captures the necessary posture shifts, from projects to people, we are inviting congregations into through the Living Local process. Another resource in book form is Toxic Charity.

“The Backwards Brain Bicycle” invites a more practical understanding for what we mean when we say that Living Local is about Adaptive Leadership.

“The way we think about charity is dead wrong”, Dan Pollata, offers some rich and sophisticated perspectives on how non-profits are discriminated against in the way they think about and use their finances. This TED talk offers some wisdom into the Money and Mission conversations, grounded in the larger perspectives that Living Local work seeks to promote.

The Visitor is a movie that identifies a depleted, over-worked professor’s journey from the isolation to new The Visitorcommunity. His journey is one way to consider the transformative shift Living Local is encouraging congregations to engage, and embody more reflectively and intentionally. Consider watching the movie with a small group and to chat about the challenges and possibilities you noticed help move the professor to greater fullness of life.

“Not a Stranger” traces Colin’s transformative journey from depression to new life discovered in the power of listening. This brief, yet moving, account parallels the gift that deeper listening to others can generate.

Links-Design Process-Experiments: Below is a list of resources that may offer some practical insight, and exploration of ways into the Living Local journey. If you ever decide to use any of our resources, drop us an email and share what you are learning. Enjoy!

A Neighborhood Listening resource: This resource includes an approach for listening via interviewing neighbors and community stakeholders. It also includes an important listening guide in the important practice called Dwelling in the Word. We hope this opens up possibilities for your divine detective adventures. We sure would love to hear what you learn and find, let us know.

For more Living Local resources see the companion site to this work at Acoustic Theology. The site is designated for further resources and deeper, extensive reflections on the nature of this work.

LINKS: The following resources may offer your congregation some further possibilities for engaging the church-neighborhood horizons in your area.

Studying Congregations: This site primarily follows sociologist Nancy Ammerman’s work. Her includes extensive research of congregational life. Some of her books include Studying Congregations, and Sacred Stories, Spiritual Tribes.

The Inhabit Conference shares similar impulses that we at Living Local are pursuing. They are a non/post-denominational, evangelical organization offering local conferences for us Seattle-ite folks. This is linked with the Parish Collective, another group imaginining this work. Their companion resource is entitled The New Parish. It’s a worthwhile event to consider for ideas, and expanding imaginations.

The Abundant Community, while not a faith based approach for congregations, does offer some rich ways of thinking about neighborhoods and communities. Check out their book by the same title, The Abundant Community: Awakening the Power of Families and Neighborhoods.

Theologically-Focused Articles on Missional Practices and Postures: Vulnerability, Hospitality, Reconciliation

South African Missiologist – Vulnerability of Mission-Bosch

Koyama, Japanese missiologist – Extend Hospitality to Strangers

Mujerista Theologian, Ada Maria Isasi-Diaz – Reconciliatory Praxis: The Face of Justice in the 21st Century


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