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You are welcome to get on and off the bus whenever you wish. What we are trying to do with Living Local is create a container of exploration for those on the journey of church and neighbors. Each of our congregations share similar and different questions as we go along the way. While we share our life in Jesus, each of us are living in very different contexts, and with a host of different resources at our disposal. No matter where we are, we care about the future of the church in our area. We trust this is true for you, and for the one in whose name we gather Sunday after Sunday.

So joining Living Local is really about joining a conversation already underway, and meeting up with others who share similar conversations that we’re already having. If you have an interest in sharing your learnings and curiosities with us, joining with others who are wrestling to find their way, and meeting new companions from around the synod this is for you.

Living Local Listening Events is the very place for us to begin since we are working to better understand where we are now, and where God is calling us to go. The Listening Events are intended for clergy and lay folks alike.

Spring Living Local Listening Event 
Theme: Becoming Curious Congregations
Saturday, May 12 9:30am-Noon
You can expect a variety of folks from different churches to participate. The morning involves listening to one another and to God, being companions along the way learning what we are seeing as common blessings and challenges of being church in today’s complex world. The goal of our gathering is primarily to learn from one another by listening to what we are seeing and observing in our various contexts. Bring a team from your church, and pass this along to any and all passionate lay folks interested in congregational mission and leadership. You will go home not only energized for the journey, but with next-step action ideas on how best your church might move forward.
See you soon!
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