An Invitation

Welcome, we’re thrilled you stopped by. We invite you to explore with us in a journey of discovery as divine detectives.

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For Christians, Holy Baptism is God’s material promise that all of creation is created by God, and held in God’s very being. To take baptism seriously as God’s people is to recognize that it’s more than a dip in the shallow end of the pool. Exploring deeper waters means we can’t secure our footing in the same predictable ways. It means we’ll have to become more competent and courageous in the currents around us. It means we’ll need a willingness to embrace environments that seem strange, uncertain and unfamiliar. The currents of Holy Baptism are meant to give renewed vision for how God is already showing up in the world. Living Local is an intentional process for engaging this invitation given in Holy Baptism, and for discovering new patterns for how local churches can navigate where God is already out ahead of us.ears

“Let anyone with ears to hear, listen.” – a guy named Jesus

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